Terms and Conditions

In accepting the general Terms of Use, I agree to:

  1. Use the SFX system for authorised purposes only and not to access or use the system during any periods of absence unless specifically authorised to do so.
  2. Comply with the provisions of the data protection legislation in respect of all personal and confidential data uploaded to the SFX system.
  3. Comply with all policies relating to the access and use of data and ICT systems in use in my organisation.
  4. Ensure that you only share information uploaded to the SFX system appropriately.
  5. Never share my login details with any other person (unless as part of a managed process for using a team level login)*.
  6. Only have one SFX session open at any one time.
  7. Ensure that a session of SFX is closed when not in use (e.g. do not leave an open session unattended).
  8. Report any malfunctions; incidents and any observed or suspected security breaches to your ICT support provider (or directly to Sheffield City Council).
* Managed process for a team level login
  • The shared password must be changed when a user leaves the team.
  • The PIN (for changing passwords) must be known only to the nominated mailbox owner.
  • All messages sent using a team login must include the sender's initials in the subject line, to enable audit.

  • I understand my usage of the SFX system may be monitored for the purpose of maintaining security.

    In addition, I understand that failure to adhere to the above may result in sanctions and limitations on the access and use of the system being applied to my account.